Setting up My Health Record (MHR) Access in Best Practice

Setting up My Health Record (MHR) Access in Best Practice

Best Practice Technical Information

A My Health Record is a secure online summary of a patient’s health information. Healthcare providers (individual health professionals) authorised by their healthcare organisation (medical practice) can access My Health Records to view and add information to a patient’s record.

These records allow medical practitioners access to relevant information about their patients such as prescription and dispense records, pathology, diagnostic imaging reports and immunisation information.

When installing and setting up Best Practice for your medical practice you may want to gain access to the ability to use My Health Records (MHR). This will need to be set up separately from the Best Practice installation.
Once Best Practice has been installed the following steps will allow you to access My Health Records.

  1. Log into BP, Click “Setup” at the top taskbar, then “Practice Details”
    Best Practice Settings Practice Details
  2. In the new window, click “Change”
    Best Practices Details Change
  3. On the new page insert the healthcare identifier number (HPI-O)
    Practice Details Health Care Identifier
  4. Once these steps are complete fully close Best Practice and restart the program. To verify that the changes have been made open Best Practice and see if they are an option for “My Health Record” in a patient file.

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