Office 365 apps for Windows Phone

Office 365 Apps for Windows Phone

Office 365 apps for Windows Phone

Office 365 is a powerful productivity platform that allows you to get more done from any device. Here’s a list of apps from Microsoft that help you make use of Office 365 while you’re on the go.

  • Mail and Calendar

    The new Mail and Calendar app for Windows Phone is an updated version of the earlier built-in mail app. It’s a Universal Windows App, so it runs on all Windows devices, including PCs. It doesn’t have the same Focused Inbox as the iOS/Android versions, though it does have some cool swipe functionality.

  • OneNote

    OneNote is the one place for everything in your life. Use it to plan projects, keep meeting minutes, take notes, organise trips and keep track of important info. Spend a few moments with OneNote on any of your devices and it will quickly become your favourite app. We cannot speak more highly of OneNote, it’s a must have for any Office 365 user.

  • Word

    Create, Edit and Share Word documents on the Microsoft Word App for Windows phones and tablets. Microsoft Word is one of the top rated productivity apps on the Google Play Store due to its rich feature-set, ease of use and ability to open documents from various cloud services and locations.

  • Excel

    Excel has made the transition to mobile devices with style. The new dedicated Excel App lets you create, edit and share Excel Documents. The new Excel app on Windows Phones and tablets is a huge improvement over the converged Office Mobile app that was previously available.

  • PowerPoint

    Create, Edit and Share PowerPoint presentations from your Windows phone or Tablet. The new PowerPoint app for Windows Phones and Tablets is a big step up from the combined Office Mobile App.

  • OneDrive

    The OneDrive app lets you add both consumer and business OneDrive accounts, and work with your files from anywhere. Browse your files, and those shared with you. Quickly access recent documents, or search your entire OneDrive. Open your OneDrive files in your Office Apps, and automatically save them back to OneDrive.

  • Skype for Business

    Skype for Business, formally known as Lync, does exactly what the name suggests – it gives you Skype for your business. Use the mobile app to stay in touch with your team members and regular Skype contacts from your Windows Phone.

  • Yammer

    Yammer is a social network for your business. Post announcements, share praise, run polls and gather feedback. Yammer is a great alternative for group conversations via email, is integrated across Office 365, and has a great Windows Phone app.

  • Outlook Groups

    Outlook Groups are the new way to work as a team in Office 365. Create an Outlook Group to get a group email address, feature-packed newsfeed, OneNote notebook and document storage. Outlook Groups for Windows Phone gives you that functionality on the go.

  • Office Lens

    Office Lens is a cool app that lets you take photos, or use existing ones, and convert them into PDFs, editable Word Documents, OneNote Pages or PowerPoint Presentations. Take photos of Documents and Whiteboards, and let Office Lens do the rest.

  • Office Remote

    Office Remote for Windows Phone lets you control your PowerPoint presentations from your Phone. You can start or stop presentations, advance slides, view speaker notes and more. You also get to control your Word and Excel documents remotely while you present them on a screen or your computer.

  • Power BI

    The Power BI for Windows devices app lets you view and interact with your Power BI dashboards from anywhere. You can set alerts on important data, and get notified when targets are hit or not met. If you’re not familiar with Power BI, check it out now. We think it’s the most exciting addition to Office 365 available.

  • Office 365 Admin

    This is a must have app for any Office 365 Administrator. Use the Office 365 Admin app to add, edit, block or delete users, reset passwords, assign licenses, check on the Office 365 service status and much more. You can also log support requests and sign into multiple Office 365 organisations from the same app.

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