Installation of Primary Sense on Best Practice Servers

Installation of Primary Sense on Best Practice Servers

Best Practice Technical Information

The Gold Coast Primary Health Network (GCPHN) designed the Primary Sense Population Management and clinical audit tool. It creates reports for GPs, nurses, and practice managers to deliver evidence-based optimised care. More information on the use of Primary Sense can be found on their website.

The Primary Sense server software allows your practice to gain access to the Primary Sense software utilities. This needs to be installed on the server used within your medical practice. After this installation, each workstation in your medical practice will be able to access Primary Sense via a separate Primary Sense desktop application.

Installation Instructions


  1. First navigate to the Primary Sense website and on the download page, find the Primary Sense Services server software (Extractor) and download.
    Primary Sense Download Website
  2. Once downloaded run the installer
    Primary Sense Installer
  3. Proceed through the installer as you would any other program, accept the license, and when asked about the Setup Type select typically and then install.
    Primary Sense Installation Part 1
    Primary Sense Installation Part 2
  4. After installation is complete launch Primary Sense. At this point, the software is not fully set up. Double Click “Setup Practice and Database Connection”
    Primary Sense Setup Practice and Database Connection
  5. Enter the details provided to you by either Primary Sense or your Medical Practice, if you haven’t been given these credentials contact the medical practice to acquire them
  6. After inputting the credentials browse to “Edit Practice and Database connection” then “Change Database connection”
    Change Database Connection
  7. On the new window that has opened click “Test Connection” If the connection succeeds no further action is required in the installer, however, if it fails you may need to use Windows authentication to complete the install
    Primary Sense Test Connection
  8. Once you have confirmed that the connection was successful open Best Practice, click Setup, then Configuration
    Best Practice Configuration
  9. Navigate to the Database menu on the left-hand side and then browse to the “Setup third-party integrations” page
    Best Practice Database Setup third party
  10. Find “Primary Care Gold Coast Ltd” and enable it by ticking the box and select save.
    Best Practice Third Party Integrations
  11. Once this has been completed you can close Best Practice and proceed to install the Primary Sense Desktop software onto your medical practice workstations.

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