How to Install Best Practice Certificates

How to Install Best Practice Certificates
Best Practice Technical Information

Installing Certificates in Best Practice Premier: NASH and PKI Site Certificates

As a Medical Provider, you will need a NASH certificate to allow your organisation to securely interact with My Health records and other Digital Health Systems. When using Best Practice Premier you may on occasion find the need to install a NASH or Medicare PKI Site Certificate (Medicare Public Key Infrastructure). Your PKI Site Certificate is used for functions such as performing IHI (Individual Healthcare Identifiers) lookups, and access contact details for other organisations using patient administration systems. You can apply for or renew these certificates via PRODA (Provider Digital Access).

Both certificates are necessary for billing.

When installing these certificates, it is vital you do not install a NASH as a Site Certificate in Best Practice (BP), this will break several functions. If you don’t have one of the certificates you will need to contact the site and ask them to either give you the certificate or ask them to go to PRODA and have a new certificate issued.

NASH and Site Certificates are slowly being merged into a dual function and will be phased out entirely when Medicare rolls out its electronic signing, this will not be for a while though.

Best Practice Certificate Expiry

NASH certificates expire every year and PKI site certificates expire every 4 years. They’re active from the moment of issue so if you’re unable to get the expiry by looking at the certificate manager you can infer the expiry from the date it was issued.

If there is an error with the certificate you will need to contact PRODA, in which case attempt a conference call with all necessary parties. PRODA have a few numbers on their website, just pick one, ask for help with your certificate and they’ll transfer you to the correct place, they don’t have a dedicated certificate helpline.

The first number to try would be 13 23 07, it won’t be the right place but it’s a start.


Having Trouble?

Are you having trouble installing your Best Practice certificates? Contact GCIT to see how our Medical Centre IT support services could help you.

Installing Your Best Practice Certificates



Double-check step 5 before you click import. It is vital to make sure you install your certificates correctly. Do not confuse a NASH for a PKI Site certificate, as it will cause several functions to break if installed incorrectly

  1. Load up Best Practice (BP) and log in, on the start page click “Setup”
    Best Practice Premier Setup
  2. Select configuration
    Best Practice Premier Configuration
  3. On the pop up (you won’t need to navigate to a different one) select “Import Certificates”
    Best Practice Premier Import Certificate
  4. This will load an external program “Certificate Manager Login”, login with the corresponding credentials
    Best Practice Premier Certificate Manager Login
  5. In the main page of the program select your corresponding certificate and click the folder icon to navigate to it. Make sure you have selected the correct certificate type for a NASH Certificate select NASH and for a PKI Site certificate select Medicare.
    Best Practice Premier Certificate Import Tool
  6. A popup will appear after pointing to the certificate asking for the passphrase, this is the PIC (Certificate Password), once input select Import and that’s it your certificate should now be installed.

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