How to Create an Outlook Group

How to Create an Outlook Group

Outlook groups are a great way to work as a team in Office 365. Outlook Groups combine group conversations and a team calendar from Exchange Online, files from OneDrive, and a Notebook from OneNote into a single workspace. They work with normal email, though you can also use the extra features in the mobile device apps on Apple, Android and Windows Devices.

Getting started with Outlook Groups is easy, here’s how to do it using Outlook and the Outlook Web App.

How to create an Outlook Group from Outlook

  1. There are two ways to create an Outlook group within Outlook.
    1. One way is by clicking New itemsGroupOutlook New Items Group
    2. The other way is by right clicking Groups and choosing New Group.Outlook Right Click New Group
  2. Enter the details for your group, including Name, ID and Privacy level.Create Outlook Group In Outlook


This is your group’s display name

Group ID

This is the first part of your group email. Eg. gcitsteam@gcits.com.au

Privacy Level

Choose to make your group public or private. Public Groups can be accessed and subscribed to by anyone. Private groups can only be accessed and subscribed to by approved members.

  1. Click OK. On the Create a group window, use the Add people box to add members. You can also edit the Group Photo to add a custom image.Add Members To Outlook Group In Outlook

How to create an Outlook Group via Outlook Web App

  1. Log into the Outlook Web App at https://outlook.office365.com
  2. Click the + icon next to Groups on the left menu.Outlook Web App New Group
  3. Enter the Group Details and click CreateOutlook Web App Group Details
  4. Wait for the Outlook Group creation to finish.Wait For Group Creation To Finish
  5. Add members to the group. As the group owner, you will be added automatically.Add Members To Outlook Group
  6. Once you’ve added the members, you’ll be taken to the group conversations.Created Group In Outlook Web App


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