How to create an Azure Storage Account in the old portal

Creating an Azure Storage account through the old portal is quite simple. Here’s how you do it.

(To create an Azure Storage account in the new portal, follow this quick guide instead.)


  1. Login to https://manage.windowsazure.com
  2. Click StorageAzure Portal Login
  3. Click New
    Create New Storage Account
  4. Click Quick Create, then choose a name for the storage account.
    Choose the location you want your data to be stored, make it close to you or your other Azure resources.
    Choose the Azure Subscription you want the Storage Account associated with.
    Choose the replication level for your storage, this will affect pricing, though different levels of replication offer greater redundancy in case of a datacentre outage.Quick Create Azure Storage Account
  5. Click Create Storage Account.

    Your storage account will show as ‘Creating’ in the storage window.Azure Storage Account CreatingWait for it to change to OnlineAzure Storage Account Online
  6. Once it’s created you can open it up. You now have a new Azure Storage account! Click Manage Access Keys at the bottom of the page to retrieve the Storage account keys. You’ll usually only need the Storage account name and Primary Key to make use of your storage account.Azure Storage Account Access Keys


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