Console Gateway cannot send emails

Console Gateway cannot send emails

Console users may occasionally come across the following message when attempting to send emails from Console Gateway:
Problems were encountered when attempting to send this E-mail message. Please check the E-mail address. Ensure your internet connection and E-mail options are configured correctly and try again.
554 5.7.1 <email@domain.com.au>: Recipient address rejected: Access Denied
Console Gateway Email Error

Why can’t Console Gateway send emails?

This can occur when the SMTP settings in Console Gateway are no longer correct. Usually this happens when switching ISPs, or changing a password on your SMTP account.

How do we fix it?

To resolve this, we need to update the SMTP server details on the workstation. Unfortunately, this will need to be performed for each of the affected users.


Working SMTP credentials – In this scenario we are using SendGrid.
  1. Open Console Gateway and sign in
  2. Click Tools, OptionsConsole Gateway Options
  3. Click the E-mail tab, then select E-mail OptionsOpen Console Gateway Email Options
  4. You should see the current email server details under the SMTP Server sectionConsole Gateway Email Details Don't Work
  5. Replace these details with your working credentialsSet Up Console Gateway With SendGrid Details
  6. Click Test to confirm the new details are workingConnection To SendGrid Via Console Is Successful

This user should now be able to send emails from Console Gateway.

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