Configuring Results Importing using the Best Practice System Service

Configuring Results Importing using the Best Practice System Service

Best Practice Technical Information

BP Link is a piece of software that’s installed alongside Best Practice that allows the user to retrieve patient results, such as blood tests, scans, and other importable records. Unfortunately, it has its limitations.

BP Link runs in the context of a user, so it only operates when the software is running and the user is logged in. Switching to using Best Practice’s own system service is more reliable, because it runs in the background whether a user is logged in or not.

To use Best Practice’s own system service, BP Link needs to be deactivated within Best Practice software and the software utility needs to be closed. Below you will find instructions for switching from using BP Link to using the BP System Service

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  1. First make sure the BP Link utility is not running. You will be able to see it on the system tray as an icon if it is, and you will need to double-check in the task manager as well.You can see the icon in the system tray like this:
    Best Practice Link System Tray
    In the task manager under the “Details” tab you’ll see the “BP Link.exe” process. Select it and click ‘End Task’.
    BP Link Task Manager
  2. To make sure the BP Link utility will continue to stay inactive you will need to make sure it does not run upon startup. This will ensure it won’t launch when logging into the server. Common places to check for this would include for example a login script, start menu “startup” folder, or registry.


    If both the BP Service and BP Link Utility are running, you will encounter issues with results importing inconsistently, duplicating, or not at all.

  3. Open Best Practice and log in as an admin user that can change configuration settings.
  4. Go to Setup > Configuration.
    Best Practice Configuration
  5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the side menu and select the second last button ‘Links’
    Best Practice Configuration Links
  6. Untick EVERYTHING. Everything on this screen should be ticked off.
  7. Now click on the bottom option ‘BP Service’, tick the fourth option “Use BP Service for importing results on this machine.”
    Best Practice Configuration BP Service
  8. Now scroll all the way up the top and click “Results Import”, tick the first option “Import Investigation reports on this computer”.
    Best Practice Configuration Results Import
  9. Click the “Save” button at the bottom and exit Best Practice.
  10. Go to windows services (start > run > services.msc)
    run services_msc
  11. Find the “Best Practice Service”. Restart it.
    Windows Services BP Service Restart


    restarting this service doesn’t interrupt the usage of Best Practice. This service is just used for scheduled events in Best Practice, so restarting it will just mean a small (< 5min) delay in a scheduled event.

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