Best Practice – An Error Occurred Attempting to connect to the HI service

Best Practice – An Error Occurred Attempting to connect to the HI service

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A NASH Certificate allows your organisation to securely interact with My Health records and other Digital Health Systems. When your NASH certificate has expired, you may get the following error when attempting a Health Identifier (HI) lookup:


Having Trouble

Are you having trouble with your Best Practice certificates? Contact GCIT to see how our Medical Centre IT support services could help you.

Locating an Expired NASH Certificate

First, you need to find the expired certificate to fix this issue.

  1. Go on the Best Practice (BP) Database server, and go to the Control Panel
  2. Open Internet Options
  3. Select the Content Tab, click on the certificates button and look for the certificate which is issued to general.xxxxxxxxxx (It should say general followed by a series of numbers)Best Practice dialogue box Certificate
  4. Double click the certificate, select the details tab and verify if the serial number matches the serial number in the Best Practice (BP) error. In this example, you can see that the error had the serial number ‘06FDF3’. This matches the expired certificate serial number shown in the details tab below.
    Best Practice Certificate Serial Number Details

Importing a valid NASH Certificate into Best Practice

If you want to import a valid certificate, either locate where the NASH is saved on the server, or you can export the certificate straight from the Certificates window onto the desktop with the same password as the certificate store.

  1. Log in to Best Practice with elevated permissions (Practice Manager or Doctor)
  2. Go to Setup > Configuration and click on Import Certificates
  3. Log in again with credentials, ensure NASH is checked, and navigate to where you saved the certificate; click import and enter your password.
    Best Practice Import Certificate

Checking Your Certificate Has Been Renewed

Perform a HI lookup by clicking “View Details” on the “open patient” search window and click “validate” next to Health Identifier.

It should return the following. If you get this message, your problem has been resolved.

Best Practice Certificate Renewal Check

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