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How hackers are breaking into MFA Enabled Microsoft 365 Accounts

In recent times, attacks on Microsoft 365 accounts with enabled MFA have become more frequent and successful. Unfortunately, users often remain unaware that their accounts have been compromised. Watch our short video on how the attack works, and what we’re doing to stop it. Traditional Phishing Methods Historically, attackers would create fake login screens to […]

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Microsoft Teams is improving its Accessibility features, introducing Sign Language View

On November 17th, Microsoft announced a new feature for Microsoft Teams – sign language view. This accessibility update improves the Teams meeting experience for signers by allowing users to keep selected users in centre stage, ensuring interpreters remain in a consistent location throughout every meeting. Sign Language view makes several changes to improve accessibility for […]

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Why the Essential Eight is vital for your business

Cyber Security incidents can have a detrimental impact on Australian businesses. With the increased reliance on internet-enabled services, companies are more vulnerable than ever. This has made them ideal targets for financially motivated cybercriminals with the issue  being compounded, as many small businesses need more resources or time to create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. In […]

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Microsoft is rebranding Microsoft Office after 32 years

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be changing the Microsoft Office software package and giving it a new name: Microsoft 365. According to the FAQs on the Official Microsoft website, several changes will be happening over the next few months. Office.com, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows will be rebranded […]

Securing your Medical Practice against cyber attacks

Medical Centres are a high-value target for cybercrime, and the impacts of a cyberattack on a Medical Centre can be catastrophic. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the health sector reported the highest number of cyber-attacks outside the government and individuals. While large, high-profile attacks can happen to large hospitals and health systems, solo and […]